Bus brawl leaves pedestrian pinned under MBTA bus

Typical mass transit injuries involve a bus or train striking a pedestrian, cyclist or another vehicle. Monday’s melee that left a man pinned underneath a MBTA bus is a less typical cause of mass transit injuries.

The chaos on the bus started when the MBTA driver told a few young passengers to stop smoking on the bus. The passengers then attacked the driver according to emergency calls.

“I was just assaulted. Got knocked out,” the bus driver said in a call to the Bus Operations Control Center. “Got my head smashed into the window. I’m still at the same location. There’s a kid with his foot underneath the bus. About 10 of these kids jumped me.”

The bus driver later said that he was assaulted by approximately five males, but he couldn’t say whether weapons were used. The suspects fled after the crash.

The bus crashed into a building at the intersection of Dudley and Hammond streets and pinned a pedestrian’s foot underneath it.

A 16-year-old ran who witnessed the crash rushed to help.

“It crashed into the building,” the Roxbury teenager told the Boston Herald. “I saw smoke coming out of the bus. I tried helping people out of the bus. I forced the door. I pushed them open and I managed to get a couple people out.”

The 16-year-old also attempted to help the man whose foot was pinned under the bus but the man was not freed until firefighters used a jack to lift the bus. A crowd surrounding the bus cheered when the man was freed and he loudly thanked the firefighters.

The bus driver and the pinned man were transported to Boston Medical Center for treatment and observation. If you are injured in an unfortunate instance similar to this one, don’t hesitate to speak to personal injury lawyers in Shreveport, LA to discuss your case.