Boston fire truck collides with police officer’s SUV

A bizarre car accident occurred last Wednesday when a Boston fire truck crashed into a Boston police officer’s SUV in Mattapan. Boston Fire Department Ladder 29 was responding to a car accident and had its emergency siren on when it entered the section of Harvard and Morton streets.

A silver SUV driven by the police officer also entered the intersection and was reportedly struck by the fire truck around 3:30 p.m., a spokesman for the fire department said.

The fire truck then crashed into a light pole, knocking it over.

WHDH reports that the crash may have been caused by the fire truck. Witnesses at the scene told WHDH that the fire truck “blew through a red light” and hit the officer’s SUV.

“The light turned green and he went and that’s when he got hit by the fire truck,” the officer’s sister said.

An investigation was launched by state police. The officers hope to find video footage of the crash from a traffic camera located at the busy Mattapan intersection. The officer was hospitalized but reportedly in stable condition.

Although passenger cars must yield to fire trucks that have their sirens on, the fire truck was required to stop at the intersection. WHDH reports that under Massachusetts law, fire trucks with sirens activated are required to stop at intersections with red lights. The fire trucks are only supposed to cross into the intersection when it is safe to do so.

Many residents in the area said that the intersection is dangerous even when fire trucks are not racing through it.

“Me and my friends call it one of the most dangerous intersections in Boston because you always have to look left and right and up and down. It’s ridiculous,” said a Mattapan resident.

The officer’s sister said that he would be okay, but that he suffered a severe leg injury that requires surgery.

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